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Notable Projects

Joe Rogan  

Joe Rogan: A little while back we received an exciting request from the renowned podcast host and adventurer, Joe Rogan. He had seen our work and wanted a custom circle rug that would reflect his love for deep conversations. Crafting a rug for Joe was an incredible opportunity and our team of artisans were thrilled to be blessed with such a project. Once the rug was ready, we couldn't wait to send it along with a little something extra. Upon receiving the custom rug, he was captivated. Joe's love the rug has been shared by not only himself but also guests like Undertaker, Dave Portnoy, and Dr. Jordan Peterson just to name a few.



Dove RugDove Rug

Dove: It was a pleasure crafting a custom rug that would grace Dove's booth at a trade show they were attending. Our team embraced the challenge wholeheartedly, infusing the design with elements true to their brand. When it was unveiled at the trade show, it not only caught the eye but also served as a welcoming symbol of real beauty, making a statement that resonated with all who passed by. It was a testament to the power of personalized art in conveying the brand's essence and values with their iconic dove logo.




WarnerBros.: To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Space Jam we crafted a few dope rugs to do our dance. So everybody get up, it’s time to slam now. We got a real jam going down. Welcome to Rugtomize, here’s your chance to customize  at Rugtomize, alright. 


Mr. Ballen


Mr. Ballen: Recently, we had the honor of creating two custom rugs for the captivating YouTuber, Mr. Ballen. For the first rug, we worked on capturing the enigmatic ambiance of Mr. Ballen's storytelling studio. Dark background and the iconic Ballen logo were used to create an atmosphere where stories come to life. The second rug was an intricate masterpiece of symbolism. The design choice served a purpose which would lead back to a story/episode in particular. He ended up loving both and wanted another rug that would put a smile on his face, so of course we obliged. What an honor to bridge the gap between storytelling and interior design, using our craft to bring the strange, dark & mysterious to life in a whole new way.


Happy Dad

Happy Dad: We had the pleasure of crafting some unique custom rugs for the official hard seltzer of the UFC, Happy Dad. On top of the official logo rug, we went ape**** on a custom Bored Ape rug and sent it with a SEND IT rug.



DadGang Custom Circle Rug


DadGang: We got the chance to work on a special project that had "DadGang" written all over it, quite literally. One of the founders reached out interested in getting a rug for himself and the co-founders so we crafted three limited edition custom circle rugs, each proudly bearing their iconic logo. It was a collaboration that blended our passion for personalized rugs with the family focused initiative of DadGang's brand. These rugs, with their unique design and branding, have become a true representation of DadGang becoming a household name for all families with superhero dads.

“ Thanks so much for sending this over! We are definitely stoked on the quality of the (3) rugs we ordered from you guys. Our community seems to really love the rug and that is what sparked ordering bulk to sell. ” 




RDBLA: We had the opportunity to collaborate with RDBLA, a California based auto customization shop known for transforming luxury vehicles into automotive works of art. We were thrilled to bring our craftsmanship into their world and we crafted a couple of custom rugs that echoed the precision and attention to detail that RDBLA is famous for. These rugs were more than just decorative pieces; they were a reflection of the sleek, stylish, and high-quality aesthetic that RDBLA embodies. The design process was a delightful journey, and seeing those rugs placed within RDBLA's showroom was a testament to the seamless blend of automotive artistry and interior design.


Carrots x Iron Lion Soap


Carrots x Iron Lion SoapHow can you get fresh without quality essentials? Our friends at Iron Lion Soap recently had a collab with Carrots that they wanted to include our rugs in their hygiene kit. We accepted the task and produced an exclusive collection for this drop. Thanks to the amazing curators and creators involved with the launch party, we as a team had a great time. Enjoy a high quality shower experience, then pop out on a custom high quality bath mat with a fresh a Carrots shirt to style with the right fit after you're done. If you said this sounds like an ideal start to the day, I’d say you weren’t lion.


Mr. Tempo


Mr. Tempo: Sports bars can make for a great meal and a great time. Mr. Tempo showed interest in our idea so we decided to bless him with some custom rugs he’d never seen before. The last thing you expect from a customer is for them to gift you a customized version of the order they just finished eating, especially when it’s one your favorite foods to eat.


Charly Jordan & Tayler Holder

Charly Jordan and Tayler Holder Custom Rug

Charly J. & Tayler H.: We were thrilled to collaborate with the former influencer couple, Charly Jordan and Tayler Holder. With Charly's vibrant spirit and Tayler's creative energy, we created a custom rug that would reflect the bond they shared. The rug became a symbol of their shared journey and a focal point in their home, capturing the essence of their love story. This collaboration exemplified our commitment to transforming ideas into tangible art, where each rug we create tells its own story.



Druski: We had the pleasure of embarking on a creative journey that blended humor and craftsmanship when the talented comedian Druski approached us for a custom rug. His unique brand of humor and creativity had captured the hearts of millions, and he wanted a rug that would reflect his personality and comedic style. We eagerly accepted the challenge, knowing that this rug needed to be more than just a piece of decor; it had to be a canvas commemorating the hard work put into the art of entertainment. Upon delivery, he made a point to share his appreciation through a wholesome voice note and it kind of makes you wonder. Had he placed his order elsewhere, we might not know what coulda been. Just a little jokey joke for lifers. 



In-N-OutWhat do you do when the owner of the most iconic burger franchise on the west coast takes a liking to your custom rugs? You whip up a juicy Double-Double with fries and a drink of course. When the owner reached out to thank us we were assured that the rug brought a smile to her face. In fact, she took it upon herself to make a dope video replacing the one in her entryway with her new custom #1 rug.


Max Amini

Max Amini: Stopped by the talented comedian Max Amini’s residence to drop off some well made heat he'd never seen before. No matter who you are or what you do, there’s a custom rug waiting for you.


Cuts Clothing

Cuts Clothing Custom Circle Rug

Cuts ClothingWhen a quality apparel company reaches out for a custom circle rug, we make it a point deliver a rug of exceptional quality. The team at Cuts Clothing needed something special to represent their brand and trusted us deliver.




AllAboutVibeCustomized rugs go great with customized pillows. We recently had the pleasure of crafting some custom rugs for That Pillow Guy, one of them being specially made for the latest addition to his family. May peace and blessings be with them for the foreseeable future.


Ani Energy

Ani Energy Drink RugBryce Hall and Josh Richards Custom RugAni Energy Drink Rug


Ani Energy: When Bryce Hall and Josh Richards approached us with their vision, we were excited to bring their unique brand identity to life through a custom rug. We crafted a one-of-a-kind rug that captured the vibrant essence of Ani Energy's brand and mission. From the choice of materials to the intricate design elements, every detail was thoughtfully considered to ensure it perfectly represented the company's dynamic spirit.



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