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A Platform of Limitless Rugabilites

Hand Tailored In California


The Original Custom Rug Company.


To innovate the process allowing limitless customization at competitive pricing with drastically reduced Lead-time. Cultivating ambiance through expressing identity.


Transcend the traditional rug into personal statements by representing individuals unique tastes and preferences.

Our goal is to pioneer and reinvent the industry. For centuries, rugs have been handmade and crafted by the traditional knot and weave method. After years of R & D an opportunity surfaced from the demand of customization to the limited selection of the existing market. We saw an opportunity in crafting unique, personalized rug. Tailored to the owners tastes & preferences.

Mario Leone


Ryan O'Keef


John Sho


Mason Littlejohn


Iman Nian

We utilized 5 generations of experience, from the world-renowned Persian rug industry, in order to re-create a process that meets the current market's shifting demands. Home decor created with craftsmanship, designed and tailored to clients’ personal tastes and preferences.  We identified the lack of customizable home ambience, so we decided to create a manufacturing process that unites our craft and platform with your personal customized creation. 
Rugtomize is our innovative solution to personalized home ambience. From our vertically integrated facility in Orange County, California, we craft ultra-high resolution, customizable rugs. Our process provides clients the, “creative creators,” ability to customize their rug or wall art with freedom and flexibility.
As we strive to innovate and create, we are open to and consider all collaborative-efforts, partnerships, and investor opportunities.


Weaving Dreams: The Rugtomize Journey Rugtomize was founded by an entrepreneur with a unique upbringing in a fifth-generation Persian rug household. Inspired by a childhood spent in diverse cultures and fueled by an innate rebellious spirit, the founder envisioned disrupting the traditional rug industry. Despite facing numerous challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic and unexpected setbacks, Rugtomize persevered, pivoting its business model to collaborate with artists on one-of-a-kind collectible rugs. This innovative approach culminated in the successful Woven show, validating Rugtomize's vision and attracting global attention. Driven by a commitment to individualism and innovation, Rugtomize aims to make custom rugs a fashion statement that elevates unique ambiances. By incentivizing top talent and positioning itself as the "OpenAI of the flooring market," Rugtomize plans to lead technological advancements in the industry. Through customer-centricity and a focus on reiteration based on customer feedback, Rugtomize continues to refine its offerings and exceed customer expectations. Ultimately, Rugtomize aspires to leave a lasting legacy by transforming the flooring industry beyond traditional design and functionalities, revolutionizing how people experience and personalize their living spaces.

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