Custom Family Rug

4 Good Reasons to Own a Custom Family Rug


Think about some of the reasons why you would need to create an environment that feels open and inviting, especially to families. Perhaps you're a parent who wants to encourage your children to socialize in the living room with you while watch movies and play board games together. Maybe you're the manager of a local store looking to establish a family-friendly image for your new business through the usage of elegant décor. These are the circumstances where a family-themed custom rug comes in handy more than ever. You may be surprised by the number of useful applications for a custom family rug when it comes to designing your residence or your privately-owned business. Here are some examples:


Your Family Lounge


Living Room Custom Rug


Any homeowner who cherishes the cozy appearance of their living space understands how important a personalized rug can be when developing a sense of balance and unity. Our custom shaped rugs are a natural fit for your family lounge. They add intriguing texture, and better define the spaces surrounding it. We recommend measuring the width of the entire lounge area, including the sofas and any coffee tables, before deciding what rug size you need. This large custom area rug should feel spacious, covering all of the furniture while also leaving some extra room near the edges to move things around.


If members of your extended family are known to visit often with children, then a custom size rug will help them gather naturally into your organized lounge area. A soft and warm custom carpet can encourage your guests to rest on the ground or engage in group activities like assembling puzzles. The exact design will depend upon your preferred style. If your family lounge has a clear symmetrical layout, then a pattern custom rug with matching colors is the best choice to maintain balance. If the space instead employs a specific theme based around a popular movie or TV show, then you should use a related poster image or an illustration that employs a family theme.


Your Family Dining Room

Custom Family Room Rug



Another common gathering area in your house which you can draw attention towards is your family dining room. This formal setting is an ideal place to lay down your custom size rug, a luxurious accessory guaranteed to improve the ambiance of your space due to its durable quality, visual weight, and adaptable nature. If you own either hardwood or tile floors, then it's best to place your custom carpet underneath all of the furniture so you can avoid the irritating noise of chairs scraping against the ground as your guests sit down to eat.


A practical custom carpet rug can also assist in maintaining a clean surface for your guests by allowing you to adjust the rug's position and to quickly perform a spot-clean when necessary. We suggest choosing a design that contrasts pleasantly with the color of the dining table and enhances the personality of the room. A regular geometric pattern or an image with a gradient of vibrant colors should work well for this space. Alternatively, you could choose to take a photo of you and your family taken during a recent vacation or at a special graduation event and frame it on your personalized rug.


Your Family Doormat Rug

Custom Doormat


What nuclear household would be complete without a custom welcome mat to invite guests inside? It is typically considered standard practice to roll out a custom door mat with some type of greeting or message at the front entrance as a courteous gesture and as a preventive against dirt and grime that can become dragged into your home. If you prefer a more personal design, you could construct an image that boldly displays the family name on a plain background or one that lists the individual names of each member of the family with miniature illustrations or photos of everyone.


There are other areas where a custom floor mat would make sense for you home, such as in the backyard entryway leading into the patio. This would serve a similar purpose as the front entrance by keeping waste outside and reminding your guests to watch their step, so as to not trip on the door frame. A doormat rug placed inside the house is also a great opportunity to exhibit a special family portrait or a collage of head shot images, similar to the picture frames you might hang up on the wall. These custom made carpets should help to complete the look of the house by maintaining clean floors and providing some warmth and hospitality.


Your Family-Run Business 



Custom Business Rug

If you happen to own a family-run business, whether it's a salon, a pizza restaurant, or a clothing retail store, and are hoping to attract more customers, there are plenty of methods for identifying yourself with families. While posters and branded commodities are always essential, a custom rug with your logo stamped on it alongside photos depicting happy families can also communicate the mission of your company. It's best if you utilize pictures taken with some of your recurring customers or with your personal family members and then add your branding somewhere on to the side of the image to create your unique design.


This final image could be used as a custom logo rug laid out in your front entrance, so your patrons can spot it as soon as they enter your establishment. You could also use the design for a large custom size rug positioned anywhere visitors are bound to notice it, such as the front of a reception desk or the center of a waiting room. Take care to use tones, outlines, and patterns which are consistent with the rest of the interior décor in your facility, so it all gels together neatly. The bottom line is you want your custom rugs to complement the friendly atmosphere of your company and express the family-oriented nature of your brand.




Our custom family rugs are a valuable accessory for those looking to enhance the family-friendly setting of their household or private company. You can roll out one under your family dining room to produce aesthetic balance or position one in the entryway of your business to display your brand logo. You could go with a unified pattern gradient that matches the theme of the room or a more intimate design that showcases family photos. No matter what you choose, these personalized rugs are sure to create a comfortable space for families and friends alike who can come together and freely socialize. If this sounds like what you are searching for, then Rugtomize has a fine collection of custom rugs for you to choose from.