Custom Kitchen Rug

Let's say you're a trained chef who's used to navigating a busy kitchen environment and are considering a renovation of your restaurant, would you consider adding some custom carpets in your redesign? What if you're an amateur chef who's passionate about cooking to the point that you do so any chance you get at home or abroad. Would you still use a custom rug to spruce up the look of your home kitchen? Regardless of your role in the culinary world, you'll ultimately find yourself standing for minutes on end as you traverse the area, so it's to your benefit to make the ground feel softer on your feet. A custom runner rug can make constant mobility much easier, keep the space nice and clean, and give you the chance to implement your specific branding or personality.


It Makes Movement Much Smoother 


Kitchen Floor Rug


If there is one purpose that a custom rug can serve in a kitchen it's to maintain an even surface so the area becomes significantly easier to maneuver. Routine cleaning of the hardwood or tile flooring can cause the ground to quickly turn into a slip hazard for any family members or cooking staff walking through. This is especially critical to factor for during busy events such as large family barbecues or lengthy dinner services where people are constantly carrying food back and forth across the room. To avoid these risks, a custom carpet rug can be rolled out at a moment's notice to cover any wet stains which are still drying or any floorboards which are still being remodeled.


Most kitchens tend to be densely-packed areas filled with heavy machinery, so you'll need to measure the length and width of the available space to ensure that your custom rug is cut to the right size to fit. A custom runner rug may be your best choice for this type of closed-in environment due to its wide, rectangular shape. A smaller, custom runner rug could also be placed on narrow counter-tops as a protective covering, helping to improve the process of shifting items around and preventing them from falling off the counter. We recommend checking to see that the mats you use in your kitchen are made with materials more resistant to heat and water, so they do not become hazardous.


It Keeps the Place Looking Tidy and Fresh



Without proper maintenance, kitchen floors will inevitably tend towards a filthy and grimy appearance caused by spilled liquids, food waste, and the constant barrage of foot-traffic. To avoid having your kitchen space look run-down and unsanitary, you'll want a custom carpet rug that is highly durable and fairly impervious to stains. Our custom area rugs can be removed, washed, and spot-cleaned at a faster and more efficient rate than your average hardwood floors, making them an all-around good deal. As long as you remember to take good care of the custom size rugs and regularly clean the spaces they occupy, your kitchen floors should look immaculate to your guests.


The design that you select for your custom made carpet also plays a major role in how the kitchen will be perceived by people. By setting down multiple custom rugs with matching hues and patterns, you can generate a degree of balance and wholeness which naturally puts people at ease. These unique textures and colors are also a great way to make the place always look brand-new and more welcoming to your guests or staff. Personalized runners are best positioned directly in front of the sink and refrigerator, in the inside of your pantry or storage room, and next to any counter-tops where you are most likely to use a cutting board or mixing bowl.


It Allows You to Integrate Your Style or Brand


Custom Rug Runner


A personalized rug can supply your kitchen with a unique aesthetic that makes the place more representative of your identity. You could develop your own design themed around anything personal to you, including your favorite meals, common pastimes, cultural interests, or your own family relationships. A wide custom carpet runner is best for reproducing simple but bold designs such as an elegant geometrical pattern or a large banner image. Smaller custom area rugs are best for displaying more complex designs such as a detailed hand-drawn illustration or a collection of intimate family photos.


You could also modify the design printed on these custom size rugs to match your own personal brand image. If you have a personal cooking web show or a blog that you host from your home kitchen, then these custom carpet rugs should factor into the brand identity marketed with these activities. If you own or are helping to design a family restaurant, then you can smoothly integrate your brand into the kitchen with a custom logo rug for your business. The color design should complement any of the decorations found on the kitchen walls, cabinets, or the counter-tops.



The kitchen is one of the most frequently visited areas of a home and the most commonly occupied space in a professional restaurant. An environment as important as the kitchen deserves the same attention and care that's given to the rest of the place. This is why we suggest using personalized rugs that are tailor-made to meet all of your needs. Our custom runner rugs are designed to prevent accidents caused by slip hazards, enhance the general presentation by adding some flair, and incorporate your personal style or brand image. Since you understand the benefits our custom rugs can bring you in the long run, all that's left is to decide whether the products offered by Rugtomize are best for your home or business.