Custom Bedroom Rug

Why Custom Size Rugs are a Great Accessory for Bedrooms and Dormitories


Whether you’re renovating a bedroom for your children or decorating your part of a college dorm, it’s always a good idea to invest in a cozy rug. Custom rugs can drastically alter the appearance of a bedroom or dormitory, going far beyond the basic utility provided by its design. When chosen with care, they are capable of either striking a delicate balance with the accompanying furniture and wallpaper or standing apart from the background in a remarkably compelling way.

Think carefully about what you value most for your children or for yourself and how that can translate to the type of custom bedroom rug placed in your bedroom. Ask yourself: "Am I aiming to communicate my identity to others or merely maximize my wellbeing?" Your goals or preferences for your bedroom’s décor can be fully addressed with our custom size rugs. These rugs are tailored to fit an assortment of measurable areas, both large and small, and are the optimal choice when decorating your bedroom for a number of reasons.



Baseball Bedroom Rug

Maintain a Degree of Comfort and Warmth

For most people your bed is where you expect to retire for the night, so it follows that the adjoining space should radiate with a feeling of comfort and peace. After placing your soft custom size rug next to your bed, you may find it almost effortless to enter a state of relaxation and drift off into slumber. The warmth and stillness given by the rug should help calm your children or pets and better encourage them to go to sleep.

A pivotal aspect when choosing a bedroom area rug is making sure it fits within your designated area, which is why we recommend ordering a design you know can be tailored to your precise dimensions. You can select a large custom size rug for a wide open-space bedroom or a miniature bedroom rug for a small-scale dormitory or apartment. You also have the freedom to choose from several different non-woven materials based on the degree of luxury you are searching for.


Declare Your Ownership of the Space

As human beings, we spend nearly one third of our entire life sleeping. This is a significant amount of time spent in one position, usually lying on some type of mattress, to the point that the bed itself feels like an extension of your personal boundaries. A custom carpet rug is one way to metaphorically claim this spot as your own in the event that you are forced to share a bedroom or dormitory with your siblings, close friends, or other roommates.

One method for identifying your part of a shared dorm room is obtaining a custom size rug with your name embroidered. You may also do this for your children’s bedrooms, as they might be more comfortable sleeping in their own room if they have a greater sense of attachment to it. To enhance the rug’s flair, consider combining a photo of the person along with several illustrations of their favorite things (i.e., sports gear, video game characters, pets, musical instruments, etc.) into a unified design. Above all, make sure your custom rug sends a clear message to others about your possession over the general space you rest.

Express Your Personality

Landscape Rug

Take a moment to reflect on how you would like to be perceived by your roommates, family, and friends and how you can present yourself through items such as a jacket or a custom carpet rug. You might realize that the means of arranging your personal space has a great deal in common with the way you dress or conduct yourself when out in public. Whether you appreciate bright and elegant colors or have a more modest and understated taste in décor, the way you stylize your bedroom or dormitory area often reveals a lot about your personality.

A custom size rug can act as the defining element of your space, grabbing the attention of all manner of visitors. Rugtomize gives you the tools to upload your personal image onto the rug and carefully edit the scale and background of the design until you are content with the result. You can frame a gorgeous skyline photograph, exhibit a detailed flower pattern illustration, or display a personal drawing of a recognizable cartoon character. You have an unlimited amount of options at your disposal when constructing the final image of your bedroom area rug, so be creative and make it count.


Once you’ve chosen a design and are prepared to order your custom size rug, make sure you select the size and material that works best for the intended area. If given proper consideration for your decorative end goals, the custom rug should fit nicely within your bedroom or dorm room.