Joe Rogan Logo Rug

Celebrities and Brands That Have Used Rugtomize

Traditionally, custom carpets were woven by hand or with the assistance of mechanical machines and they usually featured simple geometric patterns and shapes. Thanks to modern advancements in printing technology, it's become possible to develop personalized rugs that are tailor-made to match the exact size, shape, and design that a user requests. Our custom carpet rugs have enabled many talented artists and famous celebrities to exhibit their best artwork or their brand image onto a medium which also doubles as a handy floor covering. But don't just take our word for it, let's take a close look at some of the celebrated media personalities, influencers, and businesses who have chosen to work with Rugtomize when designing their own custom carpet.

Charly Jordan and Tayler Holder

Charly Jordan and Taylor Holder
Charly Jordan is an independent model, DJ, and internet personality with an Instagram following reaching over 4.5 million. From 2020 to 2021, Charly was also in a relationship with Tayler Holder, a social media influencer famous for his viral videos on TikTok. During this time, a custom area rug was commissioned by the couple with a design that was based off an Instagram post by Charly and which includes a photo of Charly and Tayler standing intimately together. The caption on the post reads, “The way I feel about him is like a heartbeat—soft and persistent, underlying everything.” Our personalized rug helped this couple capture a significant moment in their lives while also giving them a convenient floor mat that can be positioned anywhere.

Enes Freedom

Enes Freedom
International Leaders Custom Rug
Enes Kanter Freedom is a professional basketball player who has enjoyed a successful 11-year career in the NBA. In addition to professional sports, Enes has also become recognized for his political activism surrounding his home country of Turkey, which led him to become a U.S. Citizen and change his last name in late 2021. In the spirit of this activism, he requested a special custom circle rug sporting the faces of notorious leaders from non-democratic nations, including Bashar al-Assad, Valdimir Putin, and Kim Jong-un. Labeled a “dictator doormat” by Enes, this custom area rug exemplifies his political support for international freedom and his opposition to authoritative rule.


4lifers Custom Logo Rug
Druski Atop Custom Logo Rug
Drew Desbordes, known professionally as Druski, is a popular comedian famous for his sketch comedy work. In 2023, he launched his own entertainment company called 4lifers as a means of marketing future projects such as his live tours, web shows, and merchandising. Druski's company also became the subject of a custom carpet rug designed by Rugtomize which prominently displayed the 4lifers brand logo in an orange and black color style. Druski was very pleased with the custom carpet rug, responding in a message personally thanking our business and saying, “this rug is crazy.”


 Car Front Hood Custom Rug
Neon Car Custom Rug
RDBLA is an customized automobile design and repair shop located in Los Angeles. They currently run a car-centric YouTube channel with over 690,000 subscribers as well as a weekly podcast discussing topics related to their automobile business. Several items were designed specifically for this company, including a custom rug cut to the size of a large car showcasing the front bumper, hood, and windshield. Another custom carpet rug featured a smaller design of a car, painted with magenta and neon blue hues and showed the car's right side. Both of these life-like custom size rugs will add some appropriate flair to this LA-based auto center.

Ani Energy

Ani Energy Custom Rug 
Ani Energy Custom Rug
In 2020, social media influencers Bryce Hall and Charlie Richards established this alternative brand of energy drink called ANI. Since launching their product, its popularity has seen massive growth due to their massive social media presence and the rising popularity of online delivery methods. They successfully managed to acquire local distribution from smaller stores before finally securing a deal to sell their product in larger chains like Walmart. To celebrate this incredible achievement, we constructed a custom carpet resembling a life-sized can of Black Cherry flavored Ani Energy for Hall and Richards. This particular custom rug was also shared in an official Instagram post by the company.

Joe Rogan

Jordan Peterson and Joe Rogan Tweet
Joe Rogan Custom Rug With Dog 
Undertaker and Dog Atop Custom Rug
While initially known for his roles as a sports commentator and a stand-up comedian, Joe Rogan has become best recognized for creating one of the most-watched podcasts in the world, The Joe Rogan Experience. Rogan's podcast has amassed hundreds of millions of views on YouTube and has featured many notable guests including Elon Musk, Bill Burr, and Mike Tyson. A custom circle rug was designed specifically for Joe Rogan's podcast which displayed the show's iconic logo as it appears at the beginning of each episode. This personalized rug can be seen in a tweet by Dr. Jordan B. Peterson announcing his lengthy appearance on the show and in a separate Instagram post by Joe Rogan welcoming the Undertaker and Rogan's own golden retriever.


Dove Custom Logo Rug
Dove Logo Rug
Renowned hygienic brand, Dove has sold millions of products worldwide, ranging from lotions to deodorants to facial care products. A custom logo rug sporting Dove's signature bird silhouette emblem was requested as part of a trade show event to help promote the company's products. Our client was ultimately delighted with the final result, commending the “attention to detail,” and saying the custom rug was both “beautiful” and “better than what [they] had hoped for.”


MrBallen Studio Rug
MrBallen Custom Rug
One of the fastest growing creators on YouTube, MrBallen has amassed over 7.5 million subscribers on his personal channel where he primarily discusses true-crime stories. He also runs a similarly-themed podcast on Amazon Music named MrBallen Podcast: Strange, Dark and Mysterious Stories. MrBallen's team reached out to Rugtomize to design a custom rug with a logo for their studio that was in-line with their current brand image. We are happy to report that they were very satisfied with the custom area rug we produced, with the feedback describing it as “absolutely phenomenal.”


We should clarify that our personalized rugs are not exclusive to affluent celebrities or big-name brands, but rather, they are available to anyone hoping to get a rug with their desired image. While these famous individuals and large companies each possess their own recognizable brand identity, you could easily design a custom carpet rug that reflects your own interests or hobbies. Our soft and durable custom rugs are guaranteed to be a great addition to any household, artistic studio, or business entrance. If this sounds intriguing, then Rugtomize has the perfect gift for you.