Custom Tennis Rug

5 Popular Sports Styles to Adopt for Your Custom Sports Rug


Are you prepared to show your support for your favorite sports team this season? Do you find it difficult to acquire a carpet rug which fits the proportions of your living room, or displays an image that matches your preferred style? Well worry no longer because Rugtomize offers premium custom sports rugs, where you can personalize your design how you want. If you’re not sure where to start looking, consider selecting an image based on one of the top five most popular sports in the United States.


American Football Rugs

Custom Football Rug



Thanks to the immense popularity of the Superbowl, American football has become one of the most widely watched television broadcasts among U.S. audiences. Assuming you’re one of the millions of fans who are excited about these events, then its certain you would love an appropriate decoration to celebrate. Our custom sports rugs enable you to support your favorite team in your ideal manner, whether you prefer products with team logos or artwork of specific athletes. Options you can choose from include a large rectangular carpet with an image of a football field, a custom circle rug with a personal game photo, or one that’s tailored to match the oval shape of a football based on a hand-drawn illustration.


Basketball Rugs



Basketball Custom Rug

The NBA stands as a highly profitable organization due to the backing of various sponsors and countless loyal fans who continue to buy merchandise. What sports fanatic doesn’t want to honor their favorite basketball players with a comfy T-shirt, a fancy mug, or a custom carpet? With our tools you can order a custom rug cut to the size and shape of a large basketball, or a wide rectangular design of a basketball court featuring the logo of your favorite team. If there are individual players you like to cheer on, we suggest uploading a clear photo with these athletes wearing their jerseys or an image of their uniforms by themselves.


Baseball Rugs


Custom Baseball Rug


Unofficially recognized as the national pastime of the United States, baseball has managed to preserve its reputation since it first became a widespread sport. For those of you who are massive sports fans or even happen to play some of the games yourself, we provide custom sports rugs that are perfect for your home, office, or backyard. One way to share your love of baseball with others is to order a custom runner with an image of a baseball card or a famous competitor you admire. Other ideas we recommend include a tailor-made baseball cap rug or a large area carpet rug with a pattern design. For example, a pattern of sports equipment such as baseball bats, gloves, and field bases. If you would like to design a rug for your schools sports team you should incorporate the team logo onto the image, along with the names of your team members for a touch of personalization.


Ice Hockey Rugs



Custom Hockey Rug

The most recent of the “Big Five” sports to achieve mainstream attention is ice hockey. Hockey retains a significant following in America, especially the northern states. Perhaps you live somewhere where the cold climate permits people to play hockey outside during winter, or a warmer climate that requires players to use an indoor stadium. Regardless of which region you fall under, there are plenty of ways to apply a custom sports rug to show off your affinity for hockey, including personal photos and illustrations. In terms of artwork, you can apply a hockey rink design, custom mascot logo, or an image of a hockey player making a goal. You can even choose a rectangular rug with a personal message about your love for hockey, and use it as a welcome mat in front of your home.


Soccer Rugs


Custom Soccer Rug


Internationally known as “association football,” this world-renowned sport has long been called soccer by U.S. audiences to avoid confusion with American football. Whether you and your loved ones are part of a soccer team, play in your spare time, or merely watch local games on TV, we recommend using our custom sports rug to find the best depiction of your hobby. A personalized rug with a soccer ball pattern or an image of a soccer field would be a great decoration for your living room or bedroom. You can also incorporate several different elements into your design by mixing a photo of yourself, a soccer ball graphic, and a team logo then uploading this image through our website


There are many instances where a custom sports rug would be a valuable decoration. Whether it is placed as a floor mat for a local gym, or rolled out as a centerpiece in your living space. Rugtomize grants you the freedom and creativity to decide how your rugs should look when they are finally produced. You may be surprised by the artistic images and sports themes you can develop when constructing the rug of your choice. If you love playing or watching sports, particularly one of the five biggest in terms of U.S. popularity, then think about purchasing one of our top-quality custom rugs today.