Custom Area Rugs: The Personalized Accessory That Reflects Your Style

Imagine that you’ve just noticed a new rectangular custom carpet rug displaying a landscape image on the floor of your grandparents’ living room. Now consider how often you’ve been there and never paid any attention to the rug because of its formerly plain, nondescript nature. How many people do you believe are inclined to put down a large area rug in their home either due to the relief it brings from a hardwood floor or because it matches the color of the couch? For many people, that may be enough, but if you’re someone who’s fascinated by interior design and would rather have the carpeting stand out, then we have custom area rugs that are perfect for you. Our custom area rugs let you design a one-of-a-kind carpeting decoration that best represents your personality by granting you the choice of fabrics, dimensions, and shapes used in the final design.


Room-Sized Rugs

Room-sized rugs are among our most widely admired selections of custom area rugs. These rugs are tailor-made to match a room’s specific size, guaranteeing your decorative carpeting has a smooth, unified appearance that functions nicely within the space. This also helps make them an ideal accessory for lounges, kitchens, bathrooms, dormitories, and miniature balconies.



Personalize Your Rug How You Want

Our personalization options allow you to decide the precise appearance of your custom area rug by uploading your favorite photo, or personal illustration onto a model rug. From here, you can rotate and adjust the image as needed to fit your desired size and shape. You may also select from an array of vibrant background colors to complement t your image and add flair to your space. Thus ensuring you develop a consistent and elegant aesthetic for your room.

If you’re hoping to bring some environmentally conscious flair to your living room or workplace, the fabrics of our custom area rug make a great choice. We make our custom area rugs out of non-woven fibers products which present you with a more robust and sustainable option.


Customize the Size and Shape

Along with the image and fabrics used for the custom area rug, our personalization options will present you with several different selections to find the right dimensions and shape for your space. We offer circular, square, wide rectangular, or runner type shapes for our custom area rugs. Each of these shapes come with a range of viable size dimensions to choose from.



If you’re passionate about interior design and want to introduce some elegance and luxury to your space that also leaves a positive impression on your guests, our custom area rugs are the best carpeting choice for you. Our opportunities for personalizing your custom area rug which range from the type of fabrics used, to the design of the image included on the rug. Rugtomize will grant you the ability to produce a one-of-a-kind accessory that completely matches with your preferences.