Photo Custom Rug

Creative Styles for Your Photography Custom Rug


Although it was historically seen as a luxury to obtain high-resolution photographs, here in the digital age, capturing and distributing personal, artistic images is easier than ever. Most anyone with a passion for camerawork can become a professional photographer who performs freelance work, or a travel blogger who casually takes photos for social media. Either way, you’ll have many options to pick from when it comes to transporting your images onto a physical medium. If you’re looking for a unique and practical method to print your best eye-catching pictures, look no further than our photography custom rugs. You can use these custom carpets to display an intricate art piece, to create balance in your living room, or to help advertise your business. Here are some examples of different styles you can employ with our photography custom rugs.


Portrait/Headshot Photography



Portrait Custom Rug

it is a  standard practice to take photos with your family and friends to commemorate a special event such as a college graduation or a wedding reception. Some folks may go so far as to hire experienced photographers to take portraits and headshots which they can later exhibit in their home or workspace. If you want an extraordinary keepsake that serves as a memento of the past, then you might enjoy using one of our photography custom rugs to print your images. You may use a family portrait that was taken while on a cruise vacation, or a personal headshot that a friend initially took for your social media account. If your portraits or headshots are intended for commercial means, you can also upload an image on a custom rug with your logo and display the personalized rug in your establishment.


Still-Life Photography


Still Life Photography Rug


Images focusing on articles of clothing, bowls of fruits, and handcrafted items such as pottery or wooden tools fall under the category of still-life photography. Still-life photos would make a great design for your photography custom rug. Simple everyday objects can tell a story on their own through a strategic use of compositional staging, in-depth focusing, and careful studio lighting. You could design a still-life photograph for your living room custom carpet based on your own hobbies or interests, whether you enjoy sports, camping, woodworking, sewing, gardening, or mechanical engineering. This overlaps with the commercial style of photography which centers on a variety of branded products arranged for digital publications and advertisement posters. Businesses in need of glamorous photos to sell their food, clothes, or electronic devices could construct an image in conjunction with their brand logo for the custom size rug.


Nature Photography


Nature Custom Rug


From beautiful beachside vistas to snowy mountain ranges to dense sequoia forests, the Earth’s natural beauty cannot be overstated. If you’re someone who loves to explore the great outdoors and capture remarkable photos of ever-changing environments and local wildlife, then we suggest using our photography custom rug to display your images. We believe your landscape images would look stunning when reproduced on a custom made carpet. You could also decide to utilize medium shots of animals and macro shots of plant life in your design. Macro, or extreme close-up, photography provides a fresh and exciting perspective on the world where living creatures such as insects and natural objects such as minerals are examined in greater detail and made to look like something out of this world. An extreme close-up of a human eye or a butterfly’s wings could produce an astonishing design that will fit nicely on a custom area rug.


Street/Architectural Photography

Architectural Custom Rug



You may appreciate a candid style of photography if you love taking images of ordinary people going about their lives around your neighborhood or urban city. If there is a parade going on where you live you could go out into the street and photograph random individuals, or take snapshots from the view offered by your apartment window. Such authentic imagery would be a great addition to a photography custom rug laid out in your bedroom or workplace. Photos of office complexes, art installations, residences, and other buildings may also benefit companies related to architectural matters such as real estate. When placed on a custom carpet, these types of photos could be used to commemorate community landmarks such as a historical museum, an ancient university, or a famous bridge.


Artistic Photography


Artist Custom Rug


If you’re skilled with image editing software, you could choose to digitally alter your photos to create a uniquely artistic design. Some notable examples are monochromatic noir-type pictures, double exposure techniques where two photos are blended together, and surreal dream-like imagery. These kinds of images can lend a personal quality to your photography custom rug and are an effective way to present your artistic ambitions to others. A digital artist could use a custom size rug with an artistic photograph for their studio as an exhibition piece or as an advertisement for their business. Imaginative, surrealist designs can create a powerful visual for a company looking to convey a powerful feeling behind their product; one example would be an energy drink brand taking you on a cross-country journey due to the caffeine it contains.


When deciding which style of photography best suits your tastes, there are plenty of approaches to consider. From snapping wildlife in natural outdoor environments to shooting inanimate objects with indoor studio lighting. Once you’ve settled on a style for your image, there is still the matter of selecting an ideal method for displaying your images. With our photography custom rugs, you can print any of your pictures onto a clean physical format which is both practical and long-lasting. Thanks to digital technology, this process has become far more expedient, allowing both ace photographers with an elaborate digital camera and amateur bloggers with a smartphone to capture an image that represents their interests. No matter where you fall in terms of photographic expertise, we at Rugtomize are prepared to help you obtain the design that you request for your personalized rug.