Custom Office Rug

Your company office or general establishment is where your brand image should shine. Your logo will no doubt be featured everywhere that it makes sense to be, including on pens, towels, coasters, room keys, directional signs, and much more. But what about the custom carpet rugs that you see when you first enter the place or stroll down a narrow hallway or move into the cafeteria? Consider the importance of laying down custom rugs with your logo plastered on them around your place of business and how much it adds to your company’s image. We supply high-quality logo rugs for businesses hoping to market themselves more efficiently to their audience.

These are the main reasons your business needs a custom logo rug:


Custom Office Runner Rug


It Keeps Your Brand in the Public's Mind

Your primary objective with your brand strategy is to make a positive and enduring impact on your patrons so they will want to return or, at the very least, recommend your business to other potential clients. The logo’s placement is a crucial part of this strategy because your patrons are unconsciously absorbing your brand and connecting it with your product or service. With the aid of our custom logo rugs, you can ensure that your brand’s image is placed within clear sight of each of your patrons as they visit your facility. The presence of your brand logo on a rug establishes a greater look of professionalism and authenticity that will be observed by many of your clients and visitors and stay with them for years.


It Goes Naturally with the Environment

Whether you are helping to furnish a restaurant, a hotel, a local gym, or a doctor’s office, a business logo rug works quite well when placed with care. In theory, you want the company logo to stand out, but not in a way that distracts from your company’s services. A personalized rug where your brand’s name and emblem is imprinted on it sticks out in a manner that your patrons are sure to notice without it taking away from their experience.

Our custom logo rugs can be tailored to fit the dimensions of smaller walkways, waiting rooms, tight corridors, and just about any room you can think of. They could also be altered to appear more visible against analogous backdrops by switching to another logo variant with a better contrast. Custom carpet rugs are a logical decoration for all sorts of doorways and hallways that are part of your business office or lobby. Consider using the space to your advantage and laying down mats where it seems applicable.


It Helps the Floor Stay Smooth and Clean

If your business has tile or hardwood flooring, then you should understand how easily it can become a slip hazard if not properly maintained from water and skid marks. Rather than worrying about the constant risk of any unsafe floors leading to a possible lawsuit from your clients, try placing custom carpets on surfaces where your patrons are inclined to walk over them. Our custom logo rugs are excellent at keeping your hardwood and tiled flooring safe from accidents and clear from most stains. The logo floor mats can function as an officially branded tool that assists your visitors in walking through the front door and your patrons in navigating the overall premises.



Custom Restaurant Rug

Do not discount the importance of a business logo rug in your establishment. They are useful not just in terms of emphasizing your brand image to your clients wherever possible, but also guaranteeing that the placement of custom made rugs seems rational and making the general space easier to traverse. Please think about purchasing some of our custom logo rugs for your business so you can enhance the total effectiveness of your brand image by letting your logo act as the star.