Custom Christmas Rug

Holidays are an essential practice where we can honor the relationships we’ve developed with our families and close friends. The intimate bonds we share with our loved ones are ultimately meant to remind us to show appreciation for the things we have, and to spread compassion to others in our life. With our custom holiday rugs, you’ll be prepared to celebrate all of the traditions that you love to participate in throughout the year. If you enjoy redecorating your home or office space and love to throw parties for the holidays, then you should roll out a custom carpet to help complete the overall look. Let’s look at some of the most popular American holidays and observe the appropriate elements you can apply when designing your custom area rug.





Custom Christmas Rug

You can spread the joy of the most festive and charitable holiday with a custom size rug decked out in a majestic Christmas theme. When selecting your design, you have many options at your disposal: Santa Claus, reindeer, elves, presents, ornaments, candy canes, golden bells, hollies, and Christmas trees are popular elements you could incorporate into your personalized rug. A typical color scheme would have dark green and red tones with maybe a touch of gold and should contrast effectively with any black or white text (i.e., Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays) to create an elegant image. Alternatively, you could pick light blue and white hues to emphasize the winter season and apply snowflakes or snowmen predominately in your design.





Custom Thanksgiving Rug

If you love organizing family gatherings for Thanksgiving weekend, then our custom holiday rugs will prove a great investment for your home. The most common designs will usually feature a large turkey with vibrant feathers and an orange and brown complementary color scheme. Some other details you can integrate in your custom size rug image are a pumpkin pie, a picnic blanket pattern, and a cornucopia filled with fruit and vegetables. As mentioned before, if you are looking for a more seasonal design, consider adding some autumn leaves, roosters, pumpkins, bread, and other naturally-grown foods to create a general harvest theme. Feel free to include a brief message that expresses your gratitude towards your family and friends as well.




Custom Halloween Rug


A custom area rug would make a great addition to your home or office space if you are redecorating the area for Halloween. You could lay down a spooky custom door mat in your front yard to encourage your neighbors to visit your house for trick-or-treating or simply place one in your dining room to match your creepy-looking interior décor. Some ideas for what might typically be found in a Halloween design are jack-o-lanterns, skeletons, ghosts, witches, zombies, black cats, bats, cobwebs, tombstones, and candy corn. For color design, it’s fairly standard to go with different shades of orange, black, and grey, with occasional hints of bright green to create an eerie contrast.


Valentines Day



Custom Valentines Day Rug

What better way to express your love for that significant other in your life than through a holiday custom rug themed around Valentine’s Day? Most of the generic designs you’ll find online will exhibit some variant of bright red, pink, and white colors and make prominent use of hearts in its background. One way for married couples to make their personalized rug

feel more romantic is to have their names joined together in a heart-shaped flower or balloon to convey their shared bond. You could also add some photos from an important moment in your lives such as your wedding ceremony or a vacation you took during your anniversary.


Saint Patrick’s Day


Custom Saint Patricks Day Rug


Due in large part to the substantial Irish population in America, March 17th has become recognized as a popular holiday in the U.S. to honor the Christian Saint Patrick. Many of these individuals love to take pride in their ancestry by evoking icons of leprechauns and pint glasses filled with beer in their outfits. Even if you’re not Irish or Christian, you could still take part in this celebration by wearing a green t-shirt and decorating your home with suitable items like a custom size rug. When choosing an appropriate design for the custom holiday rug, think about stuff often associated with the phrase “luck of the Irish” like four-leaf clovers, golden horseshoes, and a pot of gold with a rainbow.


Fourth of July


Custom Fourth of July Rug


Perhaps the most patriotic holiday in America, the 4th of July, otherwise known as Independence Day, commemorates the date when the U.S. first became a sovereign nation. If you’re one the countless Americans eager to celebrate the occasion with a family barbeque, then you’ll have an opportunity to use a custom carpet as part of the décor for your get-together. The most commonly accepted designs will likely utilize fireworks, balloons, eagles, pennants, five-pointed stars, and barbeque grills and employ a simple phrase like “God Bless the USA.” The traditional red, white, and blue colors of the U.S. flag can be neatly applied to almost everything related to this holiday, including holiday custom rugs.




Custom Easter Rug


Another popular festivity in America, Easter Sunday, has become synonymous with the Easter Bunny and decorative easter eggs. You can coordinate an easter egg hunt in your neighborhood and decorate your house with a custom area rug tailor-made for the holiday. For an idea of what a typical image may entail, think of colorful eggs, wooden baskets, confetti, and of course, adorable little bunnies. Try out all kinds of different designs and colors for the easter eggs, including plain geometric patterns, animal heads, vibrant flowers, and superhero costumes. If you’re not in the mood for egg hunts but are still planning on renovating your home’s décor with a custom made carpet, a conventional springtime design with sunflowers and grass petals in the background works fine.


Father’s Day and Mother’s Day


Custom Fathers Day Rug


There’s always a great reason to honor the challenging labor that mothers have gone through when raising their children as well as the struggles that dedicated fathers have endured to care for and provide for their families. You can be ready to demonstrate the gratitude that you hold for your parents when Mother’s Day or Father’s Day rolls around thanks to our custom holiday rugs. Design-wise, we suggest aiming for something intimate like a recent family photo with a personal message beneath it. Your parents may even be capable of paying respect to their own parents, or the grandparents of their children, with a custom carpet of their own. A family picture of the grandchildren with their grandmother or grandfather would make a nice present when displayed on a custom size rug.