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Whether you’re an enthusiastic illustrator with notebooks full of sketches or a history professor fond of studying cultural art, your ultimate goal will be to find a proper method to exhibit your favorite works of art. Most people will go with either a large poster they can easily frame on their wall, or a miniature sculpture that fits neatly on their desk. Another way you can enhance the scenery of your home or office space is by printing your favorite composition onto an artist custom rug for you and others to view and admire. This print could be a digitally restored image of a classical painting, an internet photo of a fan-made decorative cake, or a scanned picture of a self-created painting done with watercolors. Here are some trendy art styles that could inspire you to find a beautiful image for your personalized rug.




Large Custom Rug


One of the most successful developments in the continuously shifting art world first occurred in France throughout the 1800s. Known for its usage of discernible brushstrokes and emphasis on accurate portrayals of light and movement by painting in front of the recorded subjects. Impressionism was sufficiently effective in inspiring many future avant-garde movements like Post-Impressionism where artists such as Van Gogh had flourished. If you approve of the unnatural lines and vibrant colors found in his most famous works like The Starry Night or the Sunflowers paintings, then you’ll enjoy laying down an artist custom rug in your lounge or bedroom. You could also upload an image from other Impressionist artists like Georges Surat or Emilie Bernard onto a custom size rug to create a soothing atmosphere for your workplace.


Pop Art


Custom Pop Art Rug


Originating during the 1950s in locations like New York and Great Britain, this unconventional art style was viewed by many as satirical commentary with most value placed on mass-consumerism as an aftermath of WWII. Recognizable icons in popular culture ranging from celebrities to household products to comic book strips were embraced and often made to resemble commercial art in terms of their striking presentation. Designs notoriously produced by Andy Warhol and Robert Indiana are a natural fit for an artist custom rug due to their more coherent and concrete use of form. Supposing you find those works overused, don’t worry, there are many properties in popular culture like Star Wars or Super Mario Bros which you can adapt into a pop art style for your custom area rug. You could even modify your commercial branding to match this art style and then engrave the finished design onto a custom logo rug for your business.




Custom Outdoor Rug


Surrealism is an experimental artform where artists construct uncanny dream-like imagery to express the unconscious mind’s interpretation of reality. Intended to reflect the individual perspective on life by illustrating the artist’s own thought process, this art style soon garnered rapid popularity in the early to mid-20th century and impacted many aspects of European and American culture. Once you’ve decided that your home would benefit from a custom carpet rug with surrealist artwork, you’ll find there are plenty of choices from Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, Frida Kahlo, and even some of Pablo Picasso’s later works. A surrealist art piece on a personalized rug could act as the stunning centerpiece for a personal studio exhibition, or strengthen the appearance of a public library through its imaginative design.


Abstract Art


Custom Abstract Rug


Characterized by a lack of discernable subjects, abstract art relies on the arbitrary arrangements of lines, shapes, and colors to convey its intended emotions. This controversial approach to art eschewed the fundamental design principles derived from our visual reality and often received criticism for devolving into meaninglessness. Critical advocates for abstract art include Piet Mondrian, Franz Marc, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Jackson Pollock. When displayed on an artist custom rug, this bizarre type of artwork could bring some intriguing contrast to your ordinary bathroom or dining hall. Other plain establishments like a psychiatrist’s office, an antique museum, and an internet café could also benefit from a custom size rug that exhibits colorful abstract artwork.


Italian Renaissance Artwork


Custom Artwork Rug


A central aspect of the Age of Enlightenment in Europe was the cultural revolution that shifted focus over to humanist philosophy and representational art. Beauty and the human form were accentuated in the works of Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci where the natural world was depicted with great detail and care. If you are an admirer of classic renaissance-era artwork for their visual aesthetics, then you can produce an artist custom rug with a high-quality image of your choice and position it in your house or apartment. You could also use a custom-made carpet to add some elegance to your company break room or to your university classroom, especially if you educate your students about subjects related to historical art.


Japanese Ukiyo-e


Custom Ocean Rug


Ukiyo-e, translated as “pictures of the floating world,” is an artform which grew out of Japan’s Edo Period where extravagant woodblock prints, and genre paintings dominated the nation’s affluent urban culture. No image is perhaps more emblematic of this era than Under the Wave off Kanagawa by the artist Katsushika Hokusai, which has been widely reproduced for commodities and has influenced countless works. Those of you who love studying historical Japanese art may find many brilliant examples similar to Hokusai’s work that would make a great custom carpet rug for your bedroom. These gorgeous designs can also bring some much-needed balance and serenity to a hospital waiting room or an airport transit lounge when printed onto a custom area rug.


From bold, commercial pop art to more obscure, abstract forms of expressionism, there are many ways to convey your passion for fine art through an artist custom rug. As with any prominent piece of décor in your home or office, these stylistic custom size carpets can either complement or contrast the general mood of the space depending on your chosen design. If your goal is to bring some liveliness to a dull workstation or an empty living room area, then something vibrant and loud could help with your message. If you’re instead looking for a decoration which supports the antique art in your apartment space established through your posters and sculptures, then you’ll want a specific style that fully corresponds with your theme. No matter which art style you most prefer, Rugtomize provides an abundance of made to order rugs ready at your convenience.