Custom Runner Rug

Upgrade Your Interior Décor with a Custom Runner Rug


Most custom carpet rugs you see tend to fall under the category of either largely proportioned rectangles for expansive living rooms or small-scaled rectangles for doormats, but there exists another highly popular rug form for lengthy, narrow pathways. These wide, rectangular shaped rugs are known as runners and are the finest utility for decorating the lengthy stretches of empty space in your home or workplace. We offer premium custom runner rugs where you are welcome to select the image design, proportional size, and non-woven material that works best for you. Here are some examples of how you may substantially enrich your interior décor with this specific rug decoration.


Best for Narrow Straightaways and Entryways

We suggest using a custom runner rug near the entrance of your residence or establishment as it can produce a more inviting entry hall for your visitors to navigate. Something as reassuring as an illustration of a cloudy blue-sky or a traditional floral pattern could set the right mood for people entering your home or workspace. Laying down a custom carpet in a spot where people are bound to walk can also help protect the flooring from undergoing severe deterioration over time.

In addition to being suitable for doorways, our custom runner rugs are able to perform wonders in tight, enclosed spaces such as your kitchen or bathroom. You can elect to continue a personal style introduced in your entry hall, supplement a new type of theme to better match the room’s décor, or implement a standalone piece that benefits from the rug’s length. Due to their protracted size, custom length runners are a great way of capturing panoramic landscape photographs in your home or framing extensive banner illustrations for your business on a reasonable scale. Whichever option you prefer, these creative decorations are sure to spruce up the place and grab the attention of your guests.



Custom Runner

Perfect for Connecting Hallways and Corridors

Most office buildings are designed to harbor vast, empty corridors while most houses are bound to feature interconnecting hallways in some manner. One resourceful method for giving a greater sense of identity to these passageways and smoothly linking them to other parts of your space, can be achieved by using our custom runner rugs. A lively, memorable design--whether a colorful geometric pattern or an image of animals arranged in order of mass--could aid in guiding your guests around your home or workspace. If possible, consider implementing a color-coded system within your establishment which associates various custom rugs with different regions labeled by the facilities signage. Custom hallway runners are capable of bringing a sense of balance and sophistication to your building’s corridors. Whether you are in charge of a hotel, public library, or apartment complex, hallway runners can even be used to spruce up your living space. 


Handy for Adorning Staircases and Small Steps

If your house or office contains multiple adjacent floors, then you may benefit from acquiring a custom runner rug that covers your staircase from top to bottom. Custom stair runners are an ideal decoration for a set of stairs. They naturally smooth out flooring made from wood, tile, and other rough materials, and as a result, reduce the risk of injury. We recommend selecting a runner rug with a size that will fully encompass the intended area, so be sure to carefully measure the length of your staircase before placing your order. It is also critical that you properly anchor your runner in place using adhesive tape or glue to prevent the rug from falling off and causing someone to fall. 

Custom runner rugs are valuable not only for large staircases, but for smaller steps too, as even minor elevations in height caused from an uneven ground could potentially cause harm to your guests who trip over them. The design you choose for your steps can also act as a companion piece to the general theme of your home or workplace. You could roll out a red and green festive custom carpet rug to celebrate Christmas, or lay down an antique style pattern rug to express your personal interest in historical artwork. Thanks to these custom runners, you will reduce trip hazards by straightening out patchy surfaces and may even acquire some added flair through an elegant rug design to go with your décor.



Custom Runner Rug

Whether you have a narrow entrance hall that's in need of renovation, a corridor with too much empty space, or a staircase you want to enhance stylistically, custom runners are your best bet. We at Rugtomize are delighted to meet your requests for custom runner rugs, and strive to deliver the finest products based on your preferred design, required dimensions, and recommended material.